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Territorial Sport Organizations/Sports Clubs

A Territorial Sport Organization (TSO) is a volunteer group that represents a sport that has sufficient members throughout Nunavut and meets Sport Nunavut's requirements for territorial status.

A Nunavut Sport Club (NSC) is a sport association that does not meet the eligibility criteria as a Territorial Sport Organization. However, it is a registered non-for-profit sport association in good standing with the Registrar of Societies. Usually, a sport does not meet the criteria based on the number and distribution of its membership.

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Nunavut Territorial Assistance Program funding, for athletes, coaches and officials participating in a sanctioned territorial sport competition, territorial sport development camp or sport clinic in Nunavut. Sport Nunavut may provide assistance to affiliated members of Territorial Sport Organizations to cover travel and accommodations during their participation in sponsored events.

The maximum grant that can be awarded for the Nunavut territorial assistance program is $150,000. The number of participants involved in the games determines the level of support. Funding will be limited to the most economical travel and some accommodation expenses, as approved by Sport Nunavut.